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Cabinetry & More

Whether you are looking to update your interior, replace a dinette with a office / desk combo, or change out an old TV with a new flat-screen HDTV, FLOOR IT Motor Coach has you covered. Our wood-working is based both on old-school craftsmanship while meeting the requirements of a moving vehicle. And our understanding of technology allows us to integrate your HDTV and other electronics seamlessly so you can enjoy life on the road.

In most coaches there are many areas where additional storage and more accessible storage can be created with a little thought and imagination. Everybody can use more space and we can create it for you. Whether we add additional custom cabinets or just find the space in existing cabinetry and make use of it. We can help solve your storage problems. What’s more, we can update the other electronics as well: video switcher, antenna, satellite dish etc. We can make the system as simple as you like. And if you want – the sky is the limit. So let your imagination go. Don’t trade your RV just because it has an old TV, let FLOOR IT Motor Coach make it better than a new coach with the latest technology. We will remove your old set and build out your cabinetry to match the factory decor so when we’re finished you will think that HDTV came as original equipment.

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